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Restaurant & Hotel Window Cleaning Bedford, Corby

Window Cleaning – We employ the Reach and wash pole system We use the latest in hot and cold pole fed pure water technology and pride ourselves on superbly clean results every time. This method is also environmentally friendly for restaurant window cleaning Milton Keynes, Bedford & Corby, as no chemicals are used, and is quicker and safer than the traditional ladder method.

At Holmes & Lloyd by using pure water pumped through telescopic poles, we are able to access up to a height of approximately 7 stories, without invading privacy or causing a disruption to your activities, and clean the office, hotel & restaurant windows not accessible by ladders.

Exterior Building Cleaning – Its not just glass that gets dirty, office, restaurant & hotel window need cleaning as well to maintain a professional appearance In most cases this can be achieved using only pure water via extending poles and eliminate the need for expensive access equipment.

How are We Going to Clean Your Window?

Experienced window cleaners of Holmes & Lloyd use next generation water-fed pole system and pure water for exterior window cleaning Milton Keynes.

In more cases it happens that the customer has to provide water for cleaning. Here at Holmes & Lloyd The reach-and-wash system is incorporated directly into our vehicles.

For inside window cleaning we remove dirt and dust first with a vacuum and brush, then pick the right cleaner and use microfiber cloth to go over the window surface.

For outside window cleaning we use latest window cleaning tools,  include washer sleeves, ergonomic waterfed brushes and industrial window squeegees with a variety of abrasive finishes for office, restaurant and hotel window cleaning Milton Keynes, Bedford & Corby.

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