9 Window Cleaning Tips Straight from the Expert’s Desk

March 11th, 2021

Full of streaks, dirty windows never appeal to anyone. There’s no competition to a crystal clear window. But achieving this doesn’t come easy. If it seems that even after multiple tries you’re unable to have a streak-free, sparkling window, then Holmes and Lloyd have your back. Although cleaning windows is not a difficult task, professional assistance can do magic for you. They ensure your windows are as clean as possible. Building experts suggest cleaning the exterior of windows at least twice a year. Many opt for seasonal window cleaning in Northampton and Sheffield. Here are a few tricks and tips to know “how to wash windows outside?”

Tip 1: Work with High-Quality Equipment

#Bucket: Work with a large bucket that’s perfect to fit a squeegee and a mop. Go for rectangle buckets.

#Squeegee: Each squeegee is unique and the most important tool of all to clean outside windows. Squeegees offer different durability and can range between a wide variety of sizes.

#Scraper: Scrapers are perfect to clean caked-on gunk such as varnish, paint off of windows and insects. However, use the right technique to prevent harming your window. Work with a scraper that has blades that are replaceable.

#Cleaner: Don’t just use vinegar and warm water as this doesn’t bubble up. Because of this, many go for plain dish soap. During cleaning with a squeegee, suds are crucial to let the rubber pass over the glass. This also helps to detect the areas that need extensive cleaning work as the bubbles separate in the grime and dirt-covered zones

#Mop: Buy a mop with a sleeve that offers good water retention.

Tip 2: Use Cold Water

Don’t use warm water at all– it only evaporates quickly and you will again have to boil water in no time. Mix detergent with cold water in a wide bucket.

Tip 3: Scrubbing is Priority 

Scrub the windows with a wet mop to remove all the dirt. Use the scraper to eliminate caked-on dust. Don’t press the scraper blade in a backward motion. Otherwise, scratches are not-preventable.

Tip 4: Squeegee From the Top Down

This might be something new to you but begin with the squeegee not at the bottom of the window but at the top. And move it in a horizontal path. If you’re looking for answers to “what is the best way to clean windows without streaking?”, follow this tip diligently to get a well-desired result.

After each stroke, dry the blade with a clean cloth. Once you’re done with the window, focus on drying the edges with a cloth.

Now it’s time to know “how to wash windows from inside?”

Interior Windows

Once the exterior windows are over, interior windows will seem like a child’s play. Here are a few tips to keep your windows clean.

Tip 5: Dust Before You Clean

Save yourself from troubles by dusting the window sills, and screens before reaching for the glass. Leaving the surroundings dirty and expecting a sparkling glass is not possible. You can also opt for vacuuming out the sills.

Tip 6: Window Cleaning works better on Cloudy Days

A hot and sunny day is never a good choice to carry out window cleaning as the cleanser will dry too soon leaving streaks behind. For a streak-proof cleaning, cloudy days prove better.

Tip 7: Make Your Own Cleanser

Just buying a cleaning material and proceeding with it might seem less stressing, but commercial brands can cost more unnecessarily and don’t offer the same results as their homemade versions. Choose your cleaner wisely for a streak-free, toxin-free shine each time:

  • white vinegar
  • alcohol
  • cornstarch
  • Water and
  • lemon essential oil

Mix the ingredients in a spray bottle and shake it well before use. Use a clean microfiber cloth for best results during window cleaning in Northampton and Sheffield.

Tip #8: Work with Two Detailing Rags

For the best results with your window cleaning process, choose two rags. One for window sills and another for the glass edges.

Tip #9: Use Cotton Swabs

No matter how hard you try, the corners of the glass seem to hold endless dirt and residue. But without the right tool cleaning, those can be almost impossible. But not anymore! Just pick a few cotton swabs and clean the hard-to-reach areas of the windows.

If you’ve already tried and tested all these tips and still fail to achieve the result you seek, just reach out to Holmes and Lloyd in Sheffield through the website!